What are Listings and Why are They Important?

Find out more about the power of real estate business listings and how they can help you draw in more clients. 3 minutes read

A "Listing" is an internet overview of crucial company information that functions as an effective tool to assist clients in locating your real estate business online and in real life.

Learn this acronym to improve your listing: NAP+W


NAP+W is shorthand for all the info which needs to be contained within your real estate business listings.  



Phone Number



These four bits of data are the beginning point for any real estate business listing. They supply the crucial information potential clients will need to search, contact, and find your business online.

Wish to bring even more potential clients to your real estate business using listings? Add info such as hours of operation, property specialties, showing availabilities to your business listing -- precisely what your customers desire!  


Can My Real Estate Business Listings Draw More Clients? 


The strength of a real estate business listing is dependent upon the data's appearance AND precision. 

Multiple platforms are available to list your real estate business, from search engines to social media sites to online indexes and more. If it has to do with a listing's "existence," you need to maximize your platform options. 

Listing accessibility on as many resources as possible will produce multiple methods for clients to discover your real estate business. "Existence", however, only works if the business info is CORRECT and CONSTANT across all possible resources. Getting business uniformity can't be hard, right?



Handling each of these distinct real estate business info platforms takes a lot of time and maybe useless if you don't utilize a listings management tool to lock and manage everything in 1 area. 

Luckily, the LOCALSYNC Online Business Dashboard combines listing management all in 1 location (along with whatever you require to handle your real estate business on the internet - the ideal way).

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Are Real Estate Business Listings Actually Important? 


Listings with a solid existence (in as many places as you can) and precision (all equal and accurate) will benefit your real estate business. Here is how: 


No More Upset Clients


Accurate and easily available listings can help direct potential clients directly to your office door (and during your work hours). 

Most clients will lose trust in a real estate business if the business listing is inaccurate or lacking information. This, in turn, can drive them to select another real estate business. Clients get upset whenever your business listing says you're open but find you're closed when they arrive.  

Access to accurate listings guarantees clients can find your real estate business. In addition, locating you during business hours means cash in your pocket plus a chance at another fantastic review (rather than one-star for erroneous info found on the internet). 


Listings Rely on Reviews


A solid positive review pipeline is vital for creating a real estate business's online standing and generating brand loyalty. 

Reviews allow clients to discuss their interactions with the real estate business along with prospective clients. If potential clients can not locate the real estate business on the internet, look at testimonials, and view property services, they're not educated. 

Valid business listings provide the chance for transparency between real estate businesses and clients in the form of reviews. Access to testimonials on your listings will improve your real estate business' visibility. 


How do Search Engines Play a Role?


Regular, reliable real estate business listings and positive client testimonials will create essential backlinks to your site, consequently enhancing your real estate business site position in search engine results.

Search engine optimization is an intricate system; however, some powerful, easy rewards to boost your search position is accurate real estate business listings. A higher search engine position means more clients. What real estate business owner would not want that?  

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Where to Begin?


It's not hard to begin.  Scan your real estate business for free using the scanning tool from LOCALSYNC to learn how your business appears online. Even better, subscribe to the free 90-day trial of the online business toolkit and begin handling your real estate business online - the ideal way.

Last updated on: 3 June, 2021