SEO and Search Ranking

Learn more about using SEO to improve your real estate business's search ranking 1 minutes read

Google produces more than 3.5 Billion search results daily. That's "Billion" using a "B".


How can you ensure those internet users see your real estate business? The key to being a top naturally ranked listing (without paying for ads) is Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO.


What is SEO?


SEO's purpose is to get your real estate business's site (or even real estate business listings) properly found on any search engine. Internet users associate the first search results as the most trusted, emphasizing why top-ranking search results are essential.

70% of all Google clicks come from the top 5 search results. Furthermore, 75% of neighborhood cellular searches (telephone searches) lead to "brick-and-mortar" office visits within one day. A potential client searches for a real estate business online, reviews its services, checks its business reputation, verifies the office hours, then uses GPS to the office.


Be on top, or your real estate business will miss out.


What steps should you take to get on top?

Quit hiding from your clients, and begin utilizing the strength of SEO to drive in more clients to your real estate business today.


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Last updated on: 14 May, 2021