Premium Domains

Learn more about how to use premium real estate domains to promote your link pages. 3 minutes read

What are Realty Link domains, and how do I use them?

Using is a great start, but what if you wanted something more specific to promote yourself or your real estate brokerage? has you covered! Your premium subscription includes several other real estate-focused premium domain names available for use for your link pages.


What are Some Examples of How to Use Premium Domains?

Let’s use “Listings” as an example. What if you wanted to have a “listings” page with all of your premium listing links in one place? premium includes “” as a domain name for listings! In addition to, you can have a page to promote your premium listings.

Other uses could include geographic naming of pages. An example is if you are a real estate agent in Chicago, you can create a listings page titled “” to promote your listings in Chicago.


What are the Current Available Premium Domain Names?

Currently, the following domain names are included with your premium subscription (in addition to the domain): is an excellent way for real estate brokers to promote their Brokerage, attract new agents, or promote themselves. is a premium domain for agents and brokers to create pages online to attract clients to list their homes with your Brokerage. Pages that let the client know the benefits of listing their property with you.

Have an ultra-premium listing?

Create a page with the property address and have one page to blast out to all of your clients with the property statistics, video, MLS links, and other informational links that they can look at right from their mobile phone!

Use the domain to create pages with links to all of your listings. Your buyers can see all of your available inventory in one place.

Are you working in the Title industry? Then is the right fit for you! Create a with all of your contact information in one place.

Specialize in selling land? Then is the page domain name for you! Your pages can be tailored for the tract of land, specific address, or even a general area!

Do you focus on brokering loans? Are you an agent and have a shortlist of favorite mortgage brokers that help you get deals done? Build a page with that list for clients. When a client asks for a mortgage broker, quickly send them a list to help get listings sold.

Zoning questions? has that domain as well! Assemble a list of zoning specialists to refer to clients. Build a one-page shortlist of your favorite professionals.


How do I Use a Premium Domain?

You will need to have either a Premium or Pro account to use premium domains. Once registered, in your account dashboard, click on “Create Project.”

Using Premium Domains - Create Project


Next, type in a name for your project (“Sample” is used here) and click “create.”


Once inside of your sample project, we will need to create a new page (or if you already have a page, you can edit it). Click on the “create’ button to start building a new page.


Once you click on the button, a popup will give a choice to create a or a Link. Select “


Once you have selected, a modal will pop up to Create a New Page.


Click on the modal to see what domains are available in the dropdown and select one domain name.


In this example, “” is selected here.  After making your selection, click on “Create Page.


The new page is created, and you can start building and customizing your new page.

Last updated on: 21 March, 2022