Custom Domains

Learn How to Use Custom Domains to Get the Most Out of Your Account 3 minutes read

In this article you will learn some of the benefits of using your own custom domains on and how to set them up.


What are Custom Domains?

A custom domain is a domain name you own, and that you want to use to create a link marketing page.

For example, if you are a real estate agent in Dallas, Texas, you may have previously purchased the domain name, and now want to use it for a link marketing page.


Why would you want to use a custom domain to create additional link marketing pages on

There are a lot of reasons to use your own custom domains in addition to premium domains for marketing.



You may have purchased a great domain name ( as an example) and haven’t put up a website yet. link marketing pages are a quick and easy way to put up a web presence and start marketing yourself today.

In another case, you may have already developed a website to promote your brokerage or yourself and you would like to keep the same branding. In this instance, you would use a subdomain for your link marketing pages (something like


Additional Promotion

In SEO, quality backlinks improve search engine results. The more quality backlinks, the higher you appear in search results. Each link page, gives you valuable backlinks to your main website. In addition to giving your customers a quick and easy way to contact you, all of these link marketing pages are miniature websites, pointing back to your main website property, improving SEO, and promoting you.


How do I set up and use Custom Domains on

Getting started using your own custom domain on is an easy, three-step process.


Step One - Add your custom domain into your account.

In your dashboard, click on your profile in the top right corner of the page and select “account.”


In your account view, select “domains” to show the custom domains added to your account.

Selct Domains to get to Your Domains Page


Click on “Create” to add a new custom domain.

Click Create to create a New Domain


A modal will pop up on the page with the IP or CNAME record information that you will need for your registrar to point your domain to Copy that information to your computer for use later.


Enter the domain name in the Domain or Subdomain field. This is the address that you would like your links to be accessible with on


Enter the address of the index page for your domain name. This is the page that you would like the visitor redirected to if they just type in the main domain name (in this example, I chose a “listings” page that you created (, but it could be a “Home” page about yourself or anything you would like.


Click the “Create” button, and the domain name will be created and added into your account.


You will now see the domain name on your dashboard.


You will now see the domain as available to use when you are editing or adding link pages.


Even though it shows available, the custom domain will not function until you complete steps 2 and three.


Step Two – Point your custom domain name’s CNAME record to

This is done at your domain name registrar, log into that account and follow your registrar’s instructions. Here are some quick links to change CNAME records at some of the larger domain registrars:




If you don't see your registrar listed here, just Google "change CNAME record at X", where "X" is the name of your domain registrar.


Step Three – Contact us to finish the setup.

Email us at [email protected] to finish setting up your custom domain.

Please send Us You Username and the name of the custom domain you would like added to your account.

We will check the DNS, add SSL security to your custom domain, connect the domain and check function. Please note that we screen all custom domains before making them live to ensure that they comply with our terms of service.


We are here to help! Contact us with any questions about setting up your custom domain.

Last updated on: 21 March, 2022